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Baptist Heritage

It is 1771, and the oppressed Regulators take the risk and stand against Governor Tryon. The repercussions are more than anyone anticipated. The Price of Freedom follows Pastor Tidence Lane and a group of Regulators as they retreat over the Mountains and into hiding. They must start their lives over and begin rebuilding their families after losing everything to the hands of the British. These defeated Regulators must find the courage to come back Over the Mountains and take back their lands, their homes, and Their Freedom.

Please Help Us Support Shiloh Films In Resurrecting The True American History That Isn't Taught In Schools.
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"The world has told us their view of our history. It is a view tainted and skewed with the slants of  Catholicism and Protestantism alike. The true impact of the Baptist people in America and the world's history has long been suppressed."


"It is time to again teach our future generations the truth: truths such as where the spirit of liberty originated in the hearts of the American patriots, the desire for true religious freedom for all, the true separation of the church from the state government, the first amendment to our U.S. Constitution."


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